Maroochydore Beach

20 July, 2011


Okay… so now we participated in the first party here at Varsity… I think some called it a pool-party even though no one actually went to the pool, but because we partied at the pool area.. Anyway, it was loads of bad music and red wine in big plastic cups. Beer-pong and teenagers. Security and Michael Jackson at the terrace. You name it – we had it!
Apparently there’s a party here every night – I could get used to it, as long as I don’t have to go EVERY night! This week there’s “O-Week” and it’s all about getting as drunk as possible every night!

Anyway – if (or when!) you’ve spend all your money on (expensive!) alcohol, you don’t have to worry about how to get something to eat… Volunteers from the church make free BBQ at Varsity sometimes and there’s free food different places at campus also – and if in deep trouble, you can order a food-package from uni! Got to try it!

I’m out – going to find the beach!

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