Maroochydore Beach

29 July, 2011

Scary kangaroos!!!

The kangaroos here are huge!! And they are pretty scary when there's like 10-15 of them together at the same place where I have to walk!! That's how many there was this morning on our way to the gym at campus. Instead of just continuing eating and just looking at us they decided to start jumping towards us - I immediately turned around and we started walking the wrong way! They didn't really wanna join us or anything, apparently they just wanted to cross the street!

Well.. what happened here recently... Went to the beach again - still think it's a bit to cold for swimming though. Visited Arne and Ash again, had a fire and watched the stars (saw like 20 shooting stars that night!). Stayed there for the night and went back to Varsity early in morning and then went to the beach.

Had the Accounting for Business Lecture today... I'm not glad to admit it, but it actually was really good! The teacher is cool! So... I'm gonna stick to it!

Spent this evening baking (or Lou did the baking-stuff, I did the dishes!), cause it's her birthday tomorrow. Trine is gonna come for breakfast along with a few others and we are off to BBQ at the beach later!

That's it for now!

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