Maroochydore Beach

25 July, 2011


Me waiting in Beijing Airport

Lou eating yoghurt the chinese way!

Me waiting in line in Beijing Airport

Went shopping at Woolworths the day after arrivng

Having a veggie burger for lunch at campus

Lou having an Australian hotdog for lunch at campus

Maroochydore beach

Me at Maroochydore beach

Lou at Maroochydore beach

Me relaxing by the fire at Arne and Ash's house

Ash by the fire

Arne and a guy from New Zealand - forgot his name - by the fire

Me and Trine at the night of the cocktail party

Hugh - one of the guys we share the apartment with

On the way to campus...

Campus (of course we were to be found where the free food was at)

Me on my way to the top of the Glass House Mountains

Finally at the top of the Glass House Mountains

The view from the top of the Glass House Mountains

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