Maroochydore Beach

24 July, 2011


Have already been here more than a week... time passes really fast - I bet that these 5 months will be done way too fast!
Went to the beach in Maroochydore the other day - it was too cold to go swimming but it was nice just to sit there and relax. We walked on the beach all the way to Mooloolaba where we visited a new friend - a German guy called Arne. He lives in a big house together with four or five others. They made a fire in their garden and we sat there drinking cold beers, looking at the stars, talking and just had a nice time.

Yesterday we went to Glass House Mountains where we climbed the one of the mountains. It was a great trip and the view from the top was really beautiful! In the evening we had dinner at Trines place here at Varsity together with another Danish girl, Manja. We had a very good night with with lots of girl-talk and got to know each other a bit better.

Tomorrow we start school.. we only have one lecture tomorrow (from 2-4 pm) so it's gonna be easy. I'm pretty excited to start.. or... well... I'm excited to see how the school system works down here.

Anyway, going to bed now!

The sunset in Mooloolaba

The view from Glass House Mountains

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