Maroochydore Beach

14 August, 2011

Time goes by really fast!

Well well well... what has happened since I last wrote here..

Went to Australia Zoo with Lou and Klaus - another Danish student here. Had a picnic at the zoo with a emu starring at us the entire time. Got to hold a koala bear - it was sooo sweet, but also really smelly! Got to pet a kangaroo also, that was so cool! Have been waiting to do that! I'm not that scared of them anymore, however, I better not go and pet the ones at campus if I don't wanna get my ass kicked! Zoo was really great and the weather was good!

Went to an International Food Party here at Varsity two days ago. Everyone had to bring a dish from their home country - 40 people showed up and it was amazing! Got to eat so much food :) It was a good night and got to know some new people.

Other than that I've been doing some school work and been spending some time by the pool - can't wait until it gets warmer here.

The busses have been on strike here for the last week and will be next week also which means that we are stuck at Varsity - can't really go anywhere! That sucks big time!

Going to visit Pia at the Gold Coast next weekend. Can't wait!! Hopefully Surfers Paradise lives up to its name!

Well.. enough for now :)

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