Maroochydore Beach

29 July, 2011

Scary kangaroos!!!

The kangaroos here are huge!! And they are pretty scary when there's like 10-15 of them together at the same place where I have to walk!! That's how many there was this morning on our way to the gym at campus. Instead of just continuing eating and just looking at us they decided to start jumping towards us - I immediately turned around and we started walking the wrong way! They didn't really wanna join us or anything, apparently they just wanted to cross the street!

Well.. what happened here recently... Went to the beach again - still think it's a bit to cold for swimming though. Visited Arne and Ash again, had a fire and watched the stars (saw like 20 shooting stars that night!). Stayed there for the night and went back to Varsity early in morning and then went to the beach.

Had the Accounting for Business Lecture today... I'm not glad to admit it, but it actually was really good! The teacher is cool! So... I'm gonna stick to it!

Spent this evening baking (or Lou did the baking-stuff, I did the dishes!), cause it's her birthday tomorrow. Trine is gonna come for breakfast along with a few others and we are off to BBQ at the beach later!

That's it for now!

25 July, 2011


Me waiting in Beijing Airport

Lou eating yoghurt the chinese way!

Me waiting in line in Beijing Airport

Went shopping at Woolworths the day after arrivng

Having a veggie burger for lunch at campus

Lou having an Australian hotdog for lunch at campus

Maroochydore beach

Me at Maroochydore beach

Lou at Maroochydore beach

Me relaxing by the fire at Arne and Ash's house

Ash by the fire

Arne and a guy from New Zealand - forgot his name - by the fire

Me and Trine at the night of the cocktail party

Hugh - one of the guys we share the apartment with

On the way to campus...

Campus (of course we were to be found where the free food was at)

Me on my way to the top of the Glass House Mountains

Finally at the top of the Glass House Mountains

The view from the top of the Glass House Mountains

24 July, 2011


Have already been here more than a week... time passes really fast - I bet that these 5 months will be done way too fast!
Went to the beach in Maroochydore the other day - it was too cold to go swimming but it was nice just to sit there and relax. We walked on the beach all the way to Mooloolaba where we visited a new friend - a German guy called Arne. He lives in a big house together with four or five others. They made a fire in their garden and we sat there drinking cold beers, looking at the stars, talking and just had a nice time.

Yesterday we went to Glass House Mountains where we climbed the one of the mountains. It was a great trip and the view from the top was really beautiful! In the evening we had dinner at Trines place here at Varsity together with another Danish girl, Manja. We had a very good night with with lots of girl-talk and got to know each other a bit better.

Tomorrow we start school.. we only have one lecture tomorrow (from 2-4 pm) so it's gonna be easy. I'm pretty excited to start.. or... well... I'm excited to see how the school system works down here.

Anyway, going to bed now!

The sunset in Mooloolaba

The view from Glass House Mountains


My deepest condolences to everyone affected by the tragedy in Norway!

22 July, 2011

Living in a zoo AND eating free food... Gotta love this country!

It's like living in a zoo here! When you walk to campus there's kangaroos and apparently snakes everywhere and there's so many weird birds! The bird outside my window is so annoying! It sounds like a duck and a sick cat at the same time, it's right outside my window and it makes so much noise in the morning! It's livng life dangerously cause if it keeps doing that I'm gonna hunt it down and kill that bird!
Went to campus yesterday to get some informations about my subjects - everything sounds cool - except from the accounting part - I'm so not gonna take that class if I can change it!

Last night there was a cocktail party in Maroochydore at the Sunshine Plaza. I wouldn't exactly call it a cocktail party (beers in plastic cups!?) but it was fun! Some got hangovers today - I'm okay - I ate free breakfast at Varsity (pancakes and french toast with bacon!) this morning and just waiting to go to the beach now. This thing with the free food... I LOVE IT!

20 July, 2011


Okay… so now we participated in the first party here at Varsity… I think some called it a pool-party even though no one actually went to the pool, but because we partied at the pool area.. Anyway, it was loads of bad music and red wine in big plastic cups. Beer-pong and teenagers. Security and Michael Jackson at the terrace. You name it – we had it!
Apparently there’s a party here every night – I could get used to it, as long as I don’t have to go EVERY night! This week there’s “O-Week” and it’s all about getting as drunk as possible every night!

Anyway – if (or when!) you’ve spend all your money on (expensive!) alcohol, you don’t have to worry about how to get something to eat… Volunteers from the church make free BBQ at Varsity sometimes and there’s free food different places at campus also – and if in deep trouble, you can order a food-package from uni! Got to try it!

I’m out – going to find the beach!

First day at school...

…Or info-day you might call it. Stood in line for 40 minutes to get registered at the school. Once registered, the staff just went crazy with information! I now know exactly how every single alarm at campus sounds like, whether it’s the fire alarm or the “danger”-alarm etc. I also know how to say hello in 3 different ways in Australian, I know that I should NOT touch a kangaroo (even though I really want to!), I know that there are other Danes than Lou and I (Trine was really happy to meet us!) and I know that I definitely don’t have any time - what so ever - to attend classes, cause there’s sooo many things I need to go see while I’m here!

Arriving down under..

Finally it was time to take off to the country far far away. On July 13th 2011 my dear sister went to CPH Airport together with me and Louise to say goodbye. We didn’t exactly have plenty of time so we missed the taxfree shopping.

Our first flight had take-off at 9 pm to Beijing – filled with Chinese people! We had some pretty okay seats (however business were to prefer instead of economy) where we had enough space for all the unnecessary things we brought along with us. During the flight we had loads to eat – nothing but perfect to me – we watched a couple of movies and slept an hour or two.  Around 12 noon Chinese time (the time difference is 6 hours forward from Denmark) we landed in Beijing. After showering we went to get a cup of coffee and something to eat. We had the worst café latte ever, but some really nice chicken curry! The rest of the 5½ hours we had to wait in Beijing were awful! Beijing Airport definitely isn’t as interesting as expected! Around 8 pm we finally took off to Sydney – only 2 hours delayed! Once again we had loads of food on the plane, we slept a bit and saw the most beautiful Australian sunrise ever.
Around 8 am Australian time (the time difference is 8 hours forward to Denmark) we finally arrived in Australia. It was awesome finally to be on Australian ground, even though it is winter here… buuut… 8 degrees may be a little too cold for me!  Everything went fine in the airport and then everything started to happen quickly. Flight from Sydney to Brisbane, shuttle service to Varsity Apartments in Sippy Downs (where we live) and then… FINALLY we were there!! Got to see 7 or 8 kangaroos before we even got to the reception!

The first couple of days have been okay – however our apartment seriously needed to be cleaned. Brandon and Hugh – the 2 Australian guys we share the apartment with – apparently don’t care about it as much as Louise and I. Therefor they just quietly disappeared when we started cleaning and when we saw them again the first comment from Hugh was “Wauw! It smells clean here!" Cleaning or no cleaning, they are some very nice people!
Anyway, I survived the first couple of days and I am totally ready to explore the Sunshine Coast and the rest of Australia.