Maroochydore Beach

04 August, 2011

Happy B-day Lou!

Saturday Lou turned 27. we started out by having a great breakfast together with Trine at our place. We had home made bread, cake and cup-cakes. And of course present for Lou! As we sat there Carl and Mike from Canada joined us, we talked about a lot of great stuff and shared a bottle of champagne around lunchtime. In the afternoon we went to the beach right next to Alex Surf Club to have a BBQ. We were only four people, me, Lou, Hugh and Arne, but it was so so nice! Hugh went home early but the three of us stayed with a few bottles of wine. Aroung 1am we decided to go out. We took a cap to the only place we were able to get in that late - had a lot of fun.

Since saturday one day has taken the other. Went to the beach Wednesday for a couple of hours before class - weather was reeeaaally nice!

Changed one of my classes today and just stayed in for the rest of the day.

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